It’s not big news to say that the internet has transformed how the world does business. Small business owners, organizations and consultants are learning that taking the power of web marketing and using it to promote their products and services is essential. This is the norm among the majority of small business owners and start ups who desire a fast and global reach. There are so many strategies you can use for your plan that it can be overwhelming.

I am listing a few strategies for you to read and test to see if they help you to meet your business goals.

Sites like PRWeb and PRlog allow you to submit a press release on your latest innovation, product, event, or service and have it read by thousands of viewers on Google news. Those sites have a high ranking on the search engines. Your press releases should be written properly by being informative, show the benefits, and optimized for search engines by using the correct choice of keywords used to by your future buyers or customers looking for you or your product. Keywords and links back to your website are important to have in your press release so it will be found over and over again.

Click throughs are the action someone takes when a site link or button is pressed to open a web page containing details of your product or service. Depending on the interest of the visitor, this could be a conversion to a sign up, RSVP, request or even a sale. This is the essence of the internet in marketing your business.

Google offers a powerful set of tools to help with your marketing. Google Analytics allows you to track all your website visitor activity and conversions. You can even plan out campaigns around those findings. You can research the right keywords that will allow your site pages to rank higher in the search engines so people will find your site.

Using the internet, you can build an email list by starting an active blog and inviting people to opt-in for a enewsletter or some kind of a free helpful download. This in turn provides a good Return On Investment (ROI) that other forms of media cannot compete with. Your website is operating 24/7, literally taking orders while you sleep. By growing your email list, you will have a captive audience that is waiting for your next bit of helpful information, updates, or news.

Interactive marketing including video has opened up a wealth of possibilities by inviting viral marketing with informational, funny or interesting video clips. YouTube has become a huge platform for business marketing, engagement and launches as a result. There is podcasting, which is distributing audio files that talk about a business venture.  People are moving away from TV, radio and the yellow pages in vast numbers to gather up to date information on the web. Basically, if you are not doing internet marketing or leveraging your business with internet marketing and sales strategies, you are probably finding your business is being left behind.

Google Adwords allows you to bid on popular keywords ensuring direct targeting to your services using search engines. Always make sure your ad takes people directly to a page on your website that is specific to that ad. Keep in mind that care needs to be taken here as it can be expensive so consult an SEO expert initially about using the  internet in marketing with Adwords.

There are so many things you can do with internet marketing strategies. You can promote your services, sell products, have an online shop, sell downloadable ebooks or do webinars. These are all ways to promote your business or organization and the best thing is they allow you to engage or sell to anyone globally.

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