Why do we keep hearing about content? Why is content marketing so important for our websites? Those are common questions these days and I’m going to give you the top five reasons right here.

Content is the main reason why people use the web. Whether it’s talking with others, reading blog posts, interacting in an online game (truly anything) and content is at the center of it all in one form or another. This article will share why content is the most important element of your website. Creating any kind of great content will give you each of the following:

Continuous Content Builds Organic Traffic.
Every page that’s full of valuable relevant content specific to your audience is another page that’s indexed by major search engines which builds free traffic. Unlike spending money on advertising you’ll be creating an ever growing amount of content with each new piece of content you produce for your website. Over time, your content will attract more and more visitors and if promoted the right way you will get enough people coming to your site and sharing and in the end, providing a highly engaging website.

Content Lets People Interact & Engage.
A website without content doesn’t give your visitors much to interact and engage with. Content builds a platform for your visitors to engage your website around the topics you cover, gives them opportunities to share their own comments, contact you, purchase items or share with others. Content is why people visit websites whether it’s just interacting with others (social sites) or one-to-one connections such as you talking directly with the visitor.

Content Creates a Platform for Authority.
Every piece of content you produce gives you another point of building authority. Those that try to build authority based on trying to ‘claim’ it will get nowhere fast; people want to see transparency and proof that you are who you say you are (and can back what you’re offering). Authority allows you to continually gain traffic as people flock to your site and message. Likewise, people are more likely to interact, engage and take action with those they know, like and trust (this can result in a purchase!).

Content Shares Your Expertise.
Along with building authority is the ability to show your expertise. Although you may have many years of experience within a field, people still won’t completely trust you unless you share what you’ve learned and prove it. Content gives you another item which displays your expertise which can continue to grow with deeper exploration in the topic.

Content is Marketing on Steroids.
Consider that every piece of content you produce for the web is essentially a salesperson that is working every day of the week for the entire year. Your content shares your brand, information, expertise, marketing message and so much more. Every piece of content you produce adds another layer and non-salsey ‘salesperson’ to your line up that will work for you for the duration that your website is online.

Content is clearly the most important element of any website because it’s the sole reason why people are on the web. People want to be entertained, learn new things, engage with others, buy items and the best way to accomplish each of these is through great content.

Are you using content marketing and if so, how is it working for you? Leave a comment below. 

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