We are all able to offer something to others for free. It is not all about the sale or the money, but it is all about pleasing and providing something relevant to your audience. It could be something as simple as a blog with a few pointers, or free sites to get more information or research. Maybe you can have a contest and offer a half hour or one hour service or consultation. I’m sure you can think of something that you can offer that will benefit your audience and show them that you are really looking out for their best interest because you are. They trust you and that is why they are your champions – and you champion for them.

I want my clients, family, friends, and others to get the best information, product, service, or education for free. Who doesn’t like something for free? I know I love it when I get something that is actually beneficial and not a waste of my time and not worth the effort of getting the freebie. That’s powerful!

In fact, after the holiday’s, I will be announcing a special contest for a free consultation to help you start your year off with a bang.

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Juneja Jill

Marketing Strategist Coach & Consultant at Araye Marketing
I help small businesses, solo-professionals, & companies market their brand + make more sales in today's online world. I specialize in digital marketing, website & blog strategy, SEO, social media, email marketing & attracting & converting the ideal audience into long-term fans & customers. Ready to boost your business? Contact me @ jillk@jilljuneja.com.

You can find me on my other sites at howtosofinternetmarketing.com & themagnificentmindset.com.
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