I often get asked about how important is the use of SEO in today’s content creation strategy for the web.

My answer is that it’s still up there in importance, but not like it once was when people were gaming the system by using keywords only for the search engines. Back then the majority of website owners and businesses didn’t care about the actual quality of the content they were posting or the relevancy to the reader. In their mind, their number one goal was to get at the top page of Google search pages, which, in turn, gave them business because of the frequency of site visitors.


Today, search engine optimization is an important part of any content strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO), means using specific keywords in your content that will draw website traffic. This increases the chances of your content appearing in search engine results when people type in these specific keywords.

What Keywords?


There are tools you can use to find good keywords. The most popular is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, which is free to use. You can enter keywords that are related to your topic and the tool will tell you how many searches your keywords get. It will also suggest other keywords to use. Other programs are more detailed but cost money.

How to Use Keywords


There is no exact guideline on how much to use your chosen keywords. If possible, you should use the keyword in the title, headings and first paragraph of your content. The idea is to use the keywords as much as possible while still keeping it natural. Don’t ‘stuff’ your content with keywords or it will be hard to read.

Keep in mind that the words customers are typing in as they do a search are what you should be providing answers to in relation to your business. It’s about their intent and not about your business goals.

Not the Be-All End-All


Although keywords are important for getting your content seen in search engines, it’s not everything. What’s most important is that your content is original, helpful and high-quality. Keywords are only how you attract traffic from search engines, but don’t affect what that traffic does when it gets to your site.


Take Away: Because keywords draw search traffic, use them in any content that’s searchable. This includes YouTube video descriptions, bios, social media posts and profiles.



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