Custom Marketing Packages

Content Marketing is Today’s Marketing and I help brands become online publishers.

I help businesses create and execute customized content marketing and social media plans for your brand.

If you need to grow your audience and build business in today’s online world, you are in the right place. I’ll help you make a content marketing program  to be a vital and scalable tool to leverage your business marketing across multiple channels.


I will create a custom plan with strategy and tactics including content suggestions, titles and more in a 20+ page printout that’s specific to your business and audience.




If you want your content to be spread to the masses (the right masses) you need a strong and effective social media plan. I develop a fully customized and very detailed social media plan specific to your audience to help maximize growth and engage with your business.


If you have a site full of content that’s just not resonating and engaging with your desired audience. People are not staying on the site or clicking through to other pages or providing their email address to download an item. In other words, you are not getting those site visits, leads, sales and repeat customers, you may need to relaunch your website. Or maybe you just want to start a new website the right way.

I will create a customized inbound marketing plan for your website or if you want to do a one-off campaign. This is a long and detailed process, but it is worth it in the long run because you will see your business and audience grow and grow and grow.

This includes:

  • Identifying your ideal audience
  • Setting benchmarks and your desired end goals
  • Choose keywords to optimize for search
  • Develop content offers to attract your ideal audience and landing pages (and tracking links) to go with those offers to convert the visitors into leads
  • Choose the right promotion channel and get the word out. These could include blog posts, email, video, infographic, social media, and paid search.
  • Detailed report on the end results and the numbers as a wrap up for the site or campaign


Similar to above, but with on a smaller scale for a set period of time.


I’ll translate your company’s voice and tone to represent your businesses essence and bring it all into a cohesive and consistant voice. This will be a document with detailed examples to provide you and all writers with a roadmap for all content creation. This will also include copywriting best practices for the web.


If you know you have a tone of content, but don’t know exactly where it all is or what to do with it, I’ll figure it out for you.


A great content marketing plan starts with a deep understanding of how buyers make decisions. A strategic plan to identify your ideal buyer based on collecting information and interviewing staff and current customers. I then create a buyer persona for you to use for future content marketing efforts.

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