I had the opportunity to interview Kate Swoboda, aka Kate Courageous, from Your Courageous Life. Kate is a Life Coach, teacher and writer who supports women from around the world in making powerful choices and rocking out their lives. She is also a Desire Map Workshop facilitator.

Kate Swoboda

Kate Swoboda.
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 I found Kate Swoboda online and really connected with her words and found her to be delightful and refreshingly authentic. She shows us that we need to and can live a life with courage, integrity, passion, & power with the right mindset and resources. Kate is an amazing resource! She talks a little about her fears, experiences, and the courageousness of being a small business owner. 

Q. Why do you do what you do?

A. I’ve been asking myself why I do what I do for awhile now–it’s a good question to revisit, because then things don’t get stagnant–and I notice that the answer changes depending on where I’m at in my life. In this moment, what rings truest is that I do what I do in service to connection. I feel more connected to myself and others through all of the mediums of my work.

Q. What was your epiphany that pushed you to start your business?

A. I was taking the e-course Mondo Beyondo and there were several exercises that lead into making a “mondo beyondo” list, a list of big dreams. I made my list but something didn’t feel quite right about it, and then I realized that I was trying to make the list “practical” rather than “mondo beyondo.” I started asking myself what I would want to change if things weren’t “practical,” and what came up was that I’d do work that I loved, which in turn would allow me to dream bigger and conceive of having experiences that I otherwise might not have if I were fitting myself into the tiny box of what was possible through just the career I had been in.

Q. Where you afraid to start your own business? If so, what got you past the fear and into action?

A. Ohhhhh yes, I was afraid. Terrified, really. From the moment I made the decision, stomach cramps started! Luckily, I had been coaching part-time for several years already, so it was not like diving into something completely and totally new where I was all thumbs–I had some reference of experience. Nonetheless, I found the fear to be very catalyzing; I remember those first few weeks and months as a time of walking right alongside my fear and practicing courage all the way–I didn’t ever really get “past” it so much as I was “being with” it. And for sure, there was more fear surrounding the decision to do it, than there was what actions to take. The next steps–getting my domain name, mocking up up a website design, etc., were a piece of cake by comparison. Then–and this is the part no one tells you–there’s what I think of as a “second wave” of fear, once the newness of running a business has worn off, and there’s no exciting news and nothing shiny and new to offer, and things feel like, “Oh well, then–now what?” That was actually far scarier, and I didn’t have anything to distract myself with–so I was, again, trying to practice just being with the fear, allowing it along as part of the ride.

Q. Can you give me an example of how people have been affected by what you have to offer?

A. I consider my role as a Coach to encompass holding space for someone else’s process, and being savvy to the fact that everyone experiences their process differently. Perhaps the best feedback, and the most consistent across the board, is that people feel more powerful when they transform their relationship with their Inner Critic. I don’t call the Critic names. The Critic is a part of all of us, a scared and vulnerable piece that expresses itself from a place of fear (and thus sounds pretty nasty when it does). To tell that part of ourselves to go away is not exercising complete love of the self. However, it’s necessary to reframe that relationship because it’s not cool to have a voice inside that is so unkind. Giving a client, or someone who reads my Guides, the tools to be able to transform their relationship with their Inner Critic is powerful. It gives people space to breathe a bit and risk more. I think that that is so powerful–and so very, very courageous.

Thank you, Kate for doing this Q & A and helping others to be more courageous people. I really enjoy your work and you are making a big difference in the lives of women and helping them to deal with their inner Critic.

Kate is a Magnificently Savvy in my book!

Wanna read, learn, live courageously? Learn more at http://www.yourcourageouslife.com, or check out http://www.courageousguides.com .

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This post was originally posted in March of 2011, but just updated.

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