Phoenix Wine Parties Case Study

The Challenge

When Phoenix Wine Parties went into business, they opened during a bad recession with no client base, recognition, or website. Peter, the owner of PWP has a passion for wine and wanted to teach others about it. People asked him wine questions quite often and he decided that he could actually go to peoples homes and do in-home wine education tasting parties. He had a website built about three years ago and had his offerings and contact information available and told everyone he knew about his business. He just wasn’t receiving enough website visits or people booking wine tasting parties. If someone did call him it was because they had so many questions they wanted answered, but didn’t end up as a client.

Peter was sure what the problem was and was concerned that his website wasn’t receiving the highest search volume as it could be doing. He couldn’t afford to pay for advertising at that time.


The Solution

Hire a professional marketer that could help with building up his business online. Peter knew he needed to get a website so he could put his business and contact information up. He also needed to look professional and knew he didn’t want an ugly website that looked like he made it himself. He knew the importance of having a website that made him and his business look credible. He got a lot more than just a website, he got a highly engaging, lead generating website that targeted his ideal audience.

The Results

Through Inbound website marketing, which is attracting, engaging, converting & delighting ideal customers on the website. Using SEO best practices, keyword research, landing pages, calls to action, and a free downloadable guide, on the Phoenix Wine Parties website, I was able to double search engine traffic within 60 days, bring about a 30% increase in overall site traffic and increase sales by 18% compared to the previous year.







Website Redesign & Branding

New responsive website (viewable on both desktop and mobile devices) that featured his wine packages. It was set up using Inbound marketing through the use of a user experience design.

Brand new logo and business colors, stationary, business cards, event banner, and contract template.

Content Creation

We created a blog posting editorial calendar using keywords. Used lead generation by creating a free downloadable wine party guide in return for a name and email address. This started lead nurturing campaigns through follow-up and engagement emails with his list. We even created segmented lists to email specific people regarding special promotions or provide great information on things they might enjoy.

Inbound Website Marketing Plan

We attracted ideal visitors to the website through the use of keywords, social media, blog posts, word of mouth marketing, and a little bit of TV coverage.

Getting people to the website & engagement plan included:

  •  Website audit for weaknesses in content, overall volume and architecture so I could increase additional organic site traffic from the search engines as well as social networking sites.
  • Identified his ideal target audience-mainly women for special celebrations or events, holiday party or corporate event planners.
  • Monthly Keyword research and updates based on ideal target audience search terms.
  • Creation of a blog post calendar based on audience interest (Peter has not had a chance to keep up with consistent blog posts).
  • Social media (Peter only does Facebook posts and has not had a chance to keep up with the other social site post plan).
  • Email marketing to nurture potential clients into paying clients and then keeping them engaged. Emailing current clients to keep them delighted and long-term customers.
  • A follow-up campaign requesting testimonials and referrals.



Jill has been amazing at coming up with ideas and really makes it easy to visualize the finished product. And when it comes to SEO and social media promotion of the web site, she is relentless. I would not have the success I do without her. Thank you for convincing me I needed to start emailing my list. It was a definite income generator!


Owner, Phoenix Wine Parties

Peter has hired two more wine party hosts due to increase in business since the website redesign.





website redesign statistics

Website redesign results indicated by rising blue line.