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Jill built my company web site from the ground up. I now have an actual Inbound Marketing plan for my website. She has been amazing at coming up with ideas and really makes it easy to visualize the finished product. And when it comes to SEO and social media promotion of the web site, she is relentless. I would not have the success I do without her.


Owner & Wine Expert, Phoenix Wine Parties

I was a complete “newbie” at using both FaceBook and Twitter.  I did not even have a personal FB or Twitter account, so I was completely in the dark.  With Jill’s guidance I not only opened my own personal accounts but after the coaching sessions with her, I felt confident enough to offer my services as a social media publicist.


Jill is an exceptional digital talent.  She has a command of the entire digital landscape and consistently guides and educates her clients in their strategic digital planning so that they can achieve the most holistic and robust results. She stays on top of industry developments, which equate to continuous improvement of your digital presence as the landscape evolves.  Jill is an incredible combination of expertise, integrity and dedication to her clients in helping them achieve their digital goals.

Yvette Craddock

Jill is a delight to work with, motivating, forward-thinking, and quick to catch on to what I really wanted for my business.  After a brief session together, she wrote up a straightforward strategic plan for my internet presence and for growing my art business.  Her step-by-step approach is one that I can implement gradually while I am still working at another job and is already helping me keep focused and clear about how to proceed.  Most of all, I like the way she worked with me to craft a plan that was right for me.

Fran Rees

Artist & Author

On behalf of all of us at The Prowess Group, LLC, I want to thank you for your invaluable assistance in crafting and executing a social media plan for the products we offer. Your knowledge of how to use social media to create marketing buzz, to raise the awareness of the products among targeted consumers, and to motivate those targeted consumers to visit our Web sites was essential for us to be successful. Just as importantly, we appreciate the patience you demonstrated in explaining to our team the social media strategies and tactics you would use for each product and why those strategies and tactics needed to differ from one product to the next. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Alan M. Lobock

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