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You own a small to medium sized business, you’re a solo-business professional or you are responsible for marketing a business and finding it harder and harder to keep up with attracting customers and growing business online. You know there is a better way and want to transition to the more profitable Internet marketing model so your business can offer it’s expertise and serve more people. You are aware of and get that you must have an active and engaging online presence that helps educate your potential customers so they come to you when they are ready to purchase. You’ve heard of Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing and know you must implement it, but don’t know what to do or even where to start. You are overwhelmed and are ready to invest in your business by working with digital marketing expert to make it happen.

About Jill

Jill Juneja

Jill Juneja

I’m based in Phoenix, AZ and I’m a Web Strategy Consultant specializing in developing and implementing online marketing strategy and implementation for independent professionals, small to medium sized businesses and marketers.

I’m very much into Inbound and Content Marketing. I offer a Content marketing consulting and have a Custom Content Marketing Plan Package. Basically, I come in and take a long-term strategic look at what content your business should be producing and when you should be producing it. I bridge the business and editorial worlds and can create a valuable roadmap for the editor to follow. This includes things like a competitive analysis, a detailed editorial calendar, and recommendations for what kind of creative professionals you should hire.

I also build WordPress websites, which include current best practices for search engine optimization, user experience, and content strategy. I enjoy helping businesses like yours update their business model to be current with today’s online customers, be more automated and to generate more income. I also teach those who want to learn about marketing in today’s online world. Check out my online university.

I’m a great listener, creative and analytical, and love learning. I’m probably good at what I do because I’m always learning and doing my strategy and planning from my home office. I do this because I’m passionate about my work and I’m good at it. It’s a way for me to be successful, genuine, and to make money by doing what I love. I also love all things having to do with internet marketing and am internet marketing certified.

I love helping businesses make their marketing and web presence better. Contact me and let’s discuss your marketing and how I can help.

I’m Certified Every Year in Digital Marketing

How it Works

I only work with those who are ready to go now and committed to doing what it takes to get their project started, work with me to do their required part to implement and complete our project.

First step is for us to chat for a bit to see what your need in terms of marketing your business  is and see if we are a good fit and I can meet your needs in a timely manner. After that, we move forward by you answering even more questions to help me get the information I need to start creating your marketing strategy or build your website. You would make a payment at designated times and your final payment just before completion of the project. Then you have your great new marketing strategy or website, have it implemented, and start generating more clients and income.


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