Is it worth having a website it no one knows about it?

You have a great website (or not so great!), but no one knows about it so is it worth having one? The answer is a big YES. Every business needs a website as the core of all their marketing.

You need people to find out about your business on the web. You need a place to refer people to (current customers, potential buyers, bloggers, journalists, strangers). You also need to build a community around your business website.

So, yes, you have to at least a website (and a blog) and use the main social media platforms. Use the social platforms your best customer uses and start providing helpful content (educational, coupons, funny, entertaining, community based, etc.). They are online looking for answers so if you’re not online providing answers to their problems, then someone else will.


Here is an image to give you an idea for the many components you should be using to get people to your website. It’s called Inbound Marketing.

inbound-marketing (image source: SEOMoz)


What do you think about having a website for marketing your business? Has it worked for you? What are your biggest struggles with getting more traffic to your website?

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