Custom Content Marketing Plan

You recognize that having a website is essential to business, but don’t yet fully understand the concept, have the expertise or time to optimize your website to increasing sales. This is a custom content marketing plan that includes your strategy & tactics – all done-for-you.

Practical Process

Based on proven principles & current Internet techniques.

Specific to Your Business

Your customer needs, represents the value you bring to them.

Increase Sales

Identifies your sales process – steps your visitors go through from just getting to know you to trusting you & then a purchase.

A detailed custom manual for growing your business.

It’s a written plan based on information on your business and research and then mapped into a proven model – often known as Inbound marketing methodology for attracting ideal client and site visitors and nurturing their interest to a point of qualified sales engagement. It’s really a sales process, unique to your business and specific to the value you provide and overcoming the challenges you have educating those folks about your value. Inbound marketing doesn’t work without content to fuel your website. Content should answer questions, educate, overcome objections and tell the story of your business. This custom content plan provides the exact content topics and titles that you’ll use to make your website attract leads and nurture their interest to a point of qualified sales engagement.

The Process


Your Company Knowledge

It starts with a specially crafted questionnaire to capture your first-hand knowledge of your business, the reasons people buy from you, and the reasons they don’t buy from you. I’ll spend about an hour with you online, helping you understand the specially designed questions that are the inputs for your custom manuel. Then, you and your team will need to invest an additional hour to complete the questionnaire. (Please note: The quality of the custom plan for growing your business depends on the quality of your responses to the questionnaire)


Build the Custom Content Plan

Based on your answers on the questionnaire, I review, research and  build your Custom Content Marketing Plan for your business in about three to five business days. Once you receive the plan, you can implement the plan to grow your business on your own website or contract an agency to grow your business with your Custom Content Marketing Plan.


The Final Content Plan

· 2 hour interview + strategy workshop
· 20-28 page document with custom strategy & tactics specific to your business
· Clear explanation of the roles of top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel
· Step-by-step guide to automating your sales process
· Topic trend analysis for the top issues your prospects are trying to solve
· 24 blog titles for your product or service
· 3 premium content titles
· Recommendations for automated lead nurturing workflows
· Tips for addressing objections to buying from you on your website
· Guide to interpreting your website analytics

What Others Are Saying

“Once I had the actual written content marketing plan, everything became so much more clear and I knew exactly what I needed to do. I finally get it! It was such a relief. ”


CEO & Founder, Phoenix Wine Parties

“When we followed its process and used the provided suggestions, the clarity on our strategy and business growth was so much easier. I now have the Master Plan and make sure it’s on track and my team is a lot happier and more productive. ”

Mr. Chapman

Marketing Manager

“We have added a valuable service to our small agency’s offerings. We don’t just do blog postings, SEO, social media and branding. We now offer strategy. These Custom Content Marketing plans have added a lot more value to our customers and more income to our business. ”


Digital Marketing Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist and I’ve been involved in online marketing for the past six years. I’m also an entrepreneur and own my own marketing business. I love working with businesses to research, create and leverage their business with online marketing. I’m certified in Inbound Marketing, which means I keep up to date with all things about attracting visitors, creating leads, sales, and delighting your customers through a very specific and proven process.

I also specialize in Content Marketing, which is a big part of the Inbound process. I come in and take a long-term strategic look at what content your business should be producing and when you should be producing it. I bridge the business and editorial worlds and can create a valuable roadmap for the editor to follow. This includes things like a competitive analysis, a detailed editorial calendar, and recommendations for what kind of creative professionals you should hire.

You can learn more about me over on my About page.

Who benefits from this custom plan?

This is for you if you are a small business owner, a marketing consultant or boutique marketing agency or in charge of marketing business.

Use the custom plan for your own business or for a clients business. This is a done-for-you plan that will save you hours of time, money, and will ensure you do it right the first time.

Will this plan work to attract multiple types of customers?
This plan is customized for you to attract one type of buyer persona or ideal client.
What is your refund policy?

Because of the time, work and effort involved in this process and content marketing plan creation, there is no refund.

How long will this plan work?
The plan is created for an initial three month time frame. This plan is not a quick start and forget it plan. It takes time for it to really start working because it is a very involved plan. I start with a three month plan to evaluate how it’s working, make any adjustments, and then do more of what works. If you are interested in one for each quarter we can discuss further. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an entire three months of your content planned out for you?
How much does it cost?

Your investment in growing your business and a done-for-you content marketing plan is $1,800.

I'm ready. How does this work?
  1. Contact me by using the button below.
  2. Fill out the contact form. Provide you name and best way to contact you. Include you business name and website address.
  3. I will reach out to you and and ask you a few questions to make sure we are a good fit for this project.
  4. I’ll send you an online payment request for the full amount.
  5. We will schedule a time for the initial interview.
  6. You and any business experts in your company will complete the questionnaire.
  7. Within three to five business days of receiving your questionnaire, I will schedule a time for me to present your plan and hand over the document to you.


Contact me to start the process.

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