VIP Virtual Day Intensive-Marketing Plan For Your Business

An exclusive invitation for high-achieving (or soon to be) independent service professionals and solo-preneurs 
who are ready to transform their business and boost it to the next level


I’ll Show You Step-by-Step How To Get Out of Your Own Way, Set Big Goals, & Create Your Own Business Success.

Are you finally ready to play a much bigger game? If you are ready to experience a MAGNIFICENT transformation, spending a full virtual day with me  (via Skype or Google Hangout) will empower you with a renewed sense of purpose. During this high impact experience, you will get a clear strategy and specific action steps that you can implement immediately to make significant progress.

It’s not only important to know WHAT you want, but you must also create a map– a guide – a clear action plan to show you HOW to get there and turn your goals into reality. We will not only explore your WHAT and HOW, but we will also deal with your obstacles and challenges that hold you back.

What is a MAGNIFICENT VIP Virtual Day Intensive?

It’s a catalyst for you to transform your business and do what needs to be done in one magnificently productive day instead of taking months. A VIP Day Intensive blends everything I’ve learned as an online marketing strategist and business coach along with inspiring ah-ha moments for ambitious entrepreneurs and making those needed changes and doing it now. I will help you get out of your own way.

I’ll work with you in my coaching and consulting mode, which means I’ll guide you, give you clarity, strategies, and an actual plan o’ action—all in one day.

This will be the clarity, action, and momentum you’ve been craving in our business. Please plan on scheduling the following day so you can take it all in and read through your new business catalyst next steps and start working on them. My job is to help you use your talents you already have and step it up a bit to your new level of magnificent success for your business.

We will spend an entire day on transforming your business or online presence. We’ll place your business under a microscope to see what’s working and what’s not and what changes you need to make to boost your biz.

We’re going to give you focus and what is most practical and profitable for you to make it work.

Here’s How it Works –

2-hour CLARITY session (your biz assessment, explore  goals, preliminary direction, gaps analysis, mindset)

3-hour PLANNING session (goal setting, choose the catalysts, develop the action plan)

1-hour ACTIVATION session (activate the plan, remove barriers, establish accountability strategies, accelerate & expand with ideas for leverage)

a post-session written marketing plan & summary full of observations and insights to take your biz up a level or two or three

Personalized web coaching by email for 2 weeks post-session as the magnificence soaks in and you implement it.

You Choose a Focus Goal Area

… and a second as back up in case we speed through the first one.

Not sure how your specific business can leverage the MAGNIFICENT VIP Virtual Intensive? Below are a few ideas…

I suggest you focus on a bold realistic goal that can be achieved in 90 days or less. Here are some ideas:

Business Plan

Create your marketing plan

Create a lucrative email list magnet -freebie + follow up

Social Media strategy and plan

Develop Multiple Streams of Income

Work on Your Message

Identify Your Ideal Dream Client

Develop More Visibility Online

Product or Program Launch Strategies

Create a Signature product or program

Create a Client Attracting Web Presence

Productivity, Systems & Team

Believe In Yourself Makeover

Package, Present & Promote Profitable Coaching Programs

Other online business related project or goal

Ready to do this?  I’ll see you there!

You’ll Invest $1500 for the Full-day Package

$750 upon booking to secure your date &
$750 a few days before your session to finalize it


Friendly Cancellation Policy

When you make your deposit payment it’s the cue for me to block out YOUR date on my schedule and not take other clients at that time.

I provide pre-session guidance, send you some questions to answer for me, begin investigating, evaluating your web presence, documenting ideas suggestions on your behalf, keeping you and your business in mind so that I come to your session prepared.

I invest in you immediately, which is why I don’t offer refunds for MAGNIFICENT VIP Virtual Intensive cancellations.

If you need to reschedule your session date, please give me a 3-day notice and I’ll offer at least 3 alternate time slots, and we’ll move forward.


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