Understanding Your Customers, Clients & Visitors

Customer Insight Research Helps You To Understand Your Current and Potential Customers So You Can Eliminate the Guesswork

My Customer Insights Service is a systematic research and insight generation process aimed at helping your organization to better understand specific buyers’ paths to purchase your offerings, products or services.

Why Do You Need Customer Insights?

To be a successful contender today,  you have to know what your customers are attempting to accomplish and how they think. You also need to possess deep insights into how, when, where, and why your customers make buying decisions. If you do, you will understand the path to purchase your buyers follow when making the decision to buy from your organization. Having those insights will not only lead to a speedier buying cycle, but also to happier, more satisfied customers.

Gaining insight and clarity on the items above will ultimately supercharge your go-to market strategy and execution in numerous ways. From a strategic perspective, knowing who your best prospects are will help your sales and marketing teams become moresharply focused on targeting them. That will help you have greater impact on the right prospects.

Additionally, having mutually accepted and institutionalized knowledge of your buyers allows sales and marketing teams to speak the same language, which will promote quicker agreement on tactics, campaigns, and resources, and improve the collaboration on and the efficiency of those activities.

The Benefits of Cusomer Insights Research and Why Your Organization Should Do It

A customer insights research project will give your organization strategic and actionable information about your buyers, which will enhance the focus, efficiency, and effectiveness of your marketing activities. It accomplishes this in many ways:


  1. Introducing a more customer-centric way of thinking across your company
  2. Improving your customer acquisition effectiveness through a greater understanding of buyers’ pain points
  3. Have better written content and user-centric website leading to more helpfull information customers and result in more sales
  4. Allowing sales and marketing teams to focus on the decision-makers within a target company and their key influencers
  5. Helping your sales and marketing team understand the often subtle distinctions between different roles in the buying process
  6. Building your pipeline through more targeted and more effective messaging
  7. Allowing you to create compelling product package and pricing schemes for prospects in your target market segments
  8. Enhancing product and services delivery to improve customer success and retention

Is Your Organization Ready for a Customer Insights Project?

Given the scope and the resources necessary to execute a customer insights project, this is not an initiative you should take lightly. Before getting started, it is important to make sure that you have the manpower and bandwidth to take it on, and that you have already conducted customer segmentation research. Without segmentation, after all, the universe of potential buyers that you could research would be far too large to analyze effectively in a systematic way.


So How Does It Work?

Planning & Preparing for Buyer Insights Research

There is a great deal of planning and preparation that needs to be done before we even launch into full-fledged research mode.

1. First step involves creating an approved work plan document that gives everyone a clear picture of what the project will entail.

2. Next is to evaluate the scope of the project deciding which questions the project will answer, every step in this planning phase is critical to the ultimate success of your customer insights research. This outlines the timeline, resources, and outputs of the project.

3. Finally, I must have the your buy-in and full support during and after your presentation of the work plan.

Researching, Interviewing, and Surveying Your Customers

  • Assembling Your Organization’s Existing Knowledge
    1. Prior Research
    2. Customer Interaction Databases like
      1. Web Analytics
      2. Marketing Automation Software
      3. CRM
    3. Internal Interviews
  • Buyer Persona Hypotheses
  • Build New Insights Through External Interviews
  • Conduct Interviews
  • Bringing Customer Insights Into Focus

Analyzing Research Results, Converting Data into Insights

Buyer research creates a mountain of data, much of which is likely to be textual and not exactly analysis friendly. Now we possess new insight that can be seamlessly incorporated into your sales, marketing, and product strategies, which will ultimately have a tangible effect on your organization’s ability to find, close, and retain the right type s of customers.

Designing and Managing an Effective Implementation Strategy

With the research and analysis phases of your buyer insights research complete, you might think that your work is done. That’s not the case. True, you now have critical information about your buyers that you can use to improve your sales, marketing, and product development focus, but what are you going to do with it? How will you ensure that it is properly integrated into your organization?


Insights To Action

  • The Results Presentation
  • Revising or Creating Sales and Marketing Assets
  • Validating or Adjusting Your Insights on an Ongoing Basis

Your Investment


The highlights include:

»»The planning phase will take one week, research four weeks, and analysis and presentation another two weeks. Average of 7 weeks.

»»It will involve substantial input from me, primarily in scheduling interviews, doing the interviews, and standardizing notes.

»»The budget is $5,000 for interview compensation and data acquisition.

»»The mandate is to learn more about the buyers in the target segment.

»»The output will be a presentation to you organization with recommendations for marketing assets that should be created or updated.


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